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How to Grow Strawberries Almost Anywhere

For gardens or containers, you have lots of varieties to choose from

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Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Take a few steps in late fall, and spring gardening will be easier

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Winter Wonderland Landscaping

Now you can make your yard interesting in deep winter

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Preparing Garden Beds for Vegetables

The ins and outs of preparing your vegetable garden

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Deer-Resistant Vines

These days, it's a good idea to landscape with plants that deer don't like

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Our Pollinator Promise

Calling all gardeners: Bees, butterflies and other pollinators need more habitat and you can help! Click Continue to apply for a Pollinator grant!

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How to Select Trees & Shrubs to Grow

Choose the right trees, shrubs and ornamentals for your location and conditions

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Edible Landscaping

Just because it looks pretty doesn't mean you can't eat it.

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California Coffeeberry for Hedges, Birds & Beauty

In groups or on their own, these shrubs look great and attract birds

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Drying Fruits & Vegetables

Enjoy your produce for months after you pick it

Project:   Bird Shelter Benefits & Tips

Trees, shrubs, brush piles and boxes provide year-round shelter for birds.

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Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Azalea, Camellia, Rhododendron Plant Food

A special plant food that creates the ideal growing environment for acid-loving plants.


Miracle-Gro® Liquafeed® Universal Feeder

The Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed® Universal Feeder connects directly to your spigot so now you can feed your plants with any watering device