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Drought Tolerant Plants & Flowers: Defy the Dry

Plant the right flowers for beautiful colors in dry conditions

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Garlic 101

Home-grown garlic is a wonderful addition to your meals.

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Drying Fruits & Vegetables

Enjoy your produce for months after you pick it

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Xeriscaping: Guide to Water-Friendly Gardening

Find out how to make the best use of water in your garden, especially in dry areas

Miracle-Gro Fast Root image

Miracle-Gro® FastRoot1® Dry Powder Rooting Hormone

Grow new plants from cuttings. For rooting house, foliage, tropical and hardy ornamental plants; leaf, greenwood and softwood cuttings

Water-Friendly Gardening - Learn and Grow

... Drought Tolerant Plants & Flowers: Defy the Dry. Plant the right flowers
for beautiful colors in dry conditions. continue. Water ...

Trees, Shrubs & Landscaping - Learn and Grow

... Agave Plants for Beauty & Easy Care. These eye-catching plants are ideal
in dry-area gardens. ... Drought Tolerant Plants & Flowers: Defy the Dry. ...

Project:   Protect Your Garden from Drought

When water is scarce, taking simple steps can help your plants

Project:   Water-Friendly Gardening: Reclaiming Landscape after Drought

Explore water friendly landscaping from Miracle-Gro. There's no doubt about prolonged droughts; they can leave your landscape looking uncommonly dry & barren.

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How to Care for Houseplants

A few easy tips can help you keep your housplants healthy

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How to Care for Roses

A few simple tips on caring for roses

Miracle-Gro Storing Crystals image

Miracle-Gro® Water Storing Crystals

Mix with soil to help prevent over and underwatering. Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants.


Miracle-Gro® Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes

Conveniently delivers continuous-release feeding that lasts all season for lush, beautiful foliage.

Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Soil image

Miracle-Gro® Seed Starting Potting Mix

Specially fomulated for germinating seeds.

Growing Wheatgrass Indoors for Juicing - Miracle-Gro

... sprouting. Wet Mist the paper down two to three times a day to keep
it from drying out. Step ... day. Don't let them dry out. Step ...

An Everyday Floral Brooch DIY

... Glue the brooch pin onto the back. If using E6000 glue let dry overnight. Once
dry - add water and flowers of your choice, such as roses. ...


Miracle-Gro® Perlite

Soil conditioner for containers.


Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® Continuous Release Palm Plant Food

Takes the guesswork out of feeding. Grows Lush Palms & Tropical Plants. Shakes on in minutes and feeds continuously for up to 3 months.


Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® Continuous Release Citrus, Avocado, Mango Plant Food

For feeding citrus, avocado and mango trees. Contains added potassium, magnesium, sulfur and iron to improve common nutrient deficiencies.

Miracle-Gro Tomato Shake n Feed image

Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® Tomato, Fruits & Vegetables Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium

Continuous release plant food for feeding fruit and vegetable plants - contains Calcium for better quality fruits & vegetables.