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Drying Fruits & Vegetables

Enjoy your produce for months after you pick it

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Canning Your Own Grown Food

Canning is a great way to enjoy your harvest months later.

Fruit, Vegetable & Herb - Learn and Grow

... continue. Drying Fruits & Vegetables. ... The trees are hardy, the fruit is delicious,
but you won't find it in the grocery store. continue. ...

Edible Gardening - Learn and Grow

... continue. Drying Fruits & Vegetables. Enjoy your produce for months after
you pick it. continue. ... continue. Pawpaw Fruit & Trees. ...

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Garlic 101

Home-grown garlic is a wonderful addition to your meals.

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Growing Cilantro, a 2-for-1 Herb

Enjoy different flavors from different parts of the plant.

Miracle-Gro Tomato Shake n Feed image

Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® Tomato, Fruits & Vegetables Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium

Continuous release plant food for feeding fruit and vegetable plants - contains Calcium for better quality fruits & vegetables.

Project:   Growing Hot Peppers

Add some kick to your gardening with this attractive, tasty plant

Project:   Growing Cabbage: It's Delicious and Ornamental

It looks good on your plate, and in your garden

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Plant Food & Care

Miracle-Gro Plant Food products create spectacular plants & vegetables, roses, flowers, trees & shrubs, vegetables, house plants, citrus & palm plants.

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Preparing Garden Beds for Vegetables

The ins and outs of preparing your vegetable garden

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Edible Flowers & Fruits

Enjoy your landscape in more ways than you thought possible

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food for Vegetables image

Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food

Specially formulated to deliver bountiful harvests for tomatoes and other vegetables.


Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Romaine Lettuce Seed Pod®

A Gro-ables™ Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for seed.

Project:   Growing Tomatoes: How to Grow Tomatoes from Seeds

Growing healthy tomatoes is easy


Miracle-Gro® Organic Choice® All Purpose Plant Food

For in-ground vegetables and flowers

Miracle-Gro Seed Starting Soil image

Miracle-Gro® Seed Starting Potting Mix

Specially fomulated for germinating seeds.

An Everyday Floral Brooch DIY

... When planting my garden, I mix in Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Flowers &
Vegetables, to improve my existing ... If using E6000 glue let dry overnight. ...

Growing Wheatgrass Indoors for Juicing - Miracle-Gro

... paper down two to three times a day to keep it from drying out ... Don't let them
dry out ... For growing potted and container vegetables, herbs, and flowers ...

Learn and Grow

... Landscaping. Learn more. Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Fruit, Vegetable & Herb. ...
Gardening Discover how to plant flowers that thrive in dry conditions. ...