Project:   Growing a Small-Space Vegetable Garden

Find a sunny spot big enough for some pots and an array of fresh vegetables can be yours.

salad greens

Project:   Growing Salad Greens in Window Boxes

Don't let a lack of space keep you from enjoying fresh veggies

Small Space Gardening - Learn and Grow

... Practical Pallet Gardens. Pallets are great space-savers because they let you
grow vertically! ... Growing a Small-Space Vegetable Garden. ...

Edible Gardening - Learn and Grow

... continue. Growing Broccoli. ... Spring Vegetables to Grow in the Southwest. ...
Learning how things grown and where food comes from can be fun. ...

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Vegetable Garden Planning: Techniques

Learn different ways to seed your vegetable garden

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Spring Vegetables to Grow in the Southwest

Things are warming up for your desert garden

How to Make a Patio Farm - Small Space Gardening - Miracle ...

... How to Make a Patio Farm with Jim Cuneen. Jim shows you how easy it is
to grow vegetables at home, even if you are short on space. Tweet This! ...

Indoor Kitchen Garden - Small Space & Urban - Miracle-Gro

... Rose & Flower Gardening; Small Space Gardening; Trees, Shrubs ... Indoor
Kitchen Gardening - A Growing Trend. ... cook indoors, why not grow there as ...

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Pizza Garden: Gardening Ideas for Kids

Create a pizza garden with your kids.

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Garlic 101

Home-grown garlic is a wonderful addition to your meals.

Project:   Planting a Salsa Garden

Make salsa with your own fresh-from-the-garden vegetables and herbs

Project:   Growing Cucumbers

This is one vegetable that really produces

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Preparing Garden Beds for Vegetables

The ins and outs of preparing your vegetable garden

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How to Start a Vegetable Garden 101

If you?re just getting into gardening, learn about some easy ways to get started

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Seed Starting Indoors

Get a jump on the growing season by starting seeds indoors.

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Container Gardening Basics

Grow an outdoor herb garden from one single pot.

Learn and Grow

... more. Fruit, Vegetable & Herb Fruit, Vegetable & Herb. ... Grow the flowers you
love. Learn more. Small Space Gardening Small Space Gardening. ...

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