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Rain Harvesting

Saving rainwater is like putting money in the bank.

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How to Harvest Broccoli

What to look for when it's time to harvest broccoli

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Fall Harvest Vegetables to Plant in Summer

Make your garden grow 3 (or 4) seasons!

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Harvesting Rain Water for Community Gardens in Red Hook, NY - PART 1

William Moss tours community gardens in Brooklyn, New York that are harvesting rain water from rooftops for use in the gardens.


Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest

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Tomato Facts: The Truth About Tomatoes

These helpful hints will show you just how easy tomatoes are to grow

Project:   Growing Broccoli

You can plant this popular vegetable in the spring or fall

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Growing Swiss Chard

Please your taste and your eye

Project:   How To Grow Onions In The Spring

Use them in stews, salads, and stir-fries for added deliciousness

Project:   How to Grow Asparagus

Plant it once, and it keeps coming back, year after year

Project:   Growing Cucumbers

This is one vegetable that really produces

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Growing Cauliflower

If your area stays cool, this veggie is for you.

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Growing Cilantro, a 2-for-1 Herb

Enjoy different flavors from different parts of the plant.

Project:   Growing Radishes

These veggies are easy to plant, too

salad greens

Project:   Growing Salad Greens in Window Boxes

Don't let a lack of space keep you from enjoying fresh veggies


Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Basil Seed Pod®

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Growing Herbs & Herb Garden Care

Here are some easy tips for growing these carefree, flavorful plants


Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Zucchini Seed Pod®

A Gro-ables™ Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for seed.

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When to Plant Tomatoes in Florida & Growing Tips

When to plant tomatoes depends on where you live

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Garlic 101

Home-grown garlic is a wonderful addition to your meals.