Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Zucchini Seed Pod®

A Gro-ables™ Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for seed.

Miracle Gro Soaker System image

Miracle-Gro® Soaker System Kit

Miracle Gro Liquifeed Starter Kit image

Miracle-Gro® Liquafeed® All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit

Now Feeding is as Easy as Watering.™ LiquaFeed® Advance™ automatically applies plant food evenly at the correct rate, no mixing, no measuring, no mess.


Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Watermelon Seed Pod®

A Gro-ables™ Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for seed.

Miracle-Gro® Liquid African Violet Plant Food image

Miracle-Gro® Blooming Houseplant Food

Specially formulated with five essential micronutrients for the unique needs of African Violets.

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Use them in stews, salads, and stir-fries for added deliciousness

Miracle-Gro Tomato Shake n Feed image

Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® Tomato, Fruits & Vegetables Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium

Continuous release plant food for feeding fruit and vegetable plants - contains Calcium for better quality fruits & vegetables.

MIracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food image

Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

Grow more spectacular flowers, bigger vegetables, lush foliage and stronger trees and shrubs vs. unfed plants!

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Deer-Resistant Vines

These days, it's a good idea to landscape with plants that deer don't like

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Deer Resistant Plants

Hungry deer will eat most plants in your garden, but they probably won't start on these flowers

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Planting Ocotillo in Your Desert Garden

This distinctive desert native thrives in hot, dry conditions

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Grow Passionflowers for Delicious Fruit

This tropical vine can grow outdoors or in.

Joy Cho and Miracle-Gro

... with Joy Cho. July, 2014 By:Joy Cho I've talked about my black thumb
in the past and my inability to keep plants blooming. ...


Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® Basil Seed Pod®

A Gro-ables™ Seed Pod™ provides an ideal growing environment for seed.

Miracle-Gro Cactus Potting Soil image

Miracle-Gro® Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix

Specialty soil for cacti and succulents.


Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food

For Bigger, More Beautiful Flowers and More Bountiful Vegetables! Use anywhere- In Ground and In Containers. Feeds for up to 3 months!

Miracle-Gro Orchid Potting Soil image

Miracle-Gro® Orchid Potting Mix Coarse Blend

Specialty soil for orchids.


Miracle-Gro® Perlite

Soil conditioner for containers.


Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® Continuous Release Palm Plant Food

Takes the guesswork out of feeding. Grows Lush Palms & Tropical Plants. Shakes on in minutes and feeds continuously for up to 3 months.

Miracle-Gro® Shake'n Feed® All Purpose Plant Food plus Weed Preventerą image

Miracle-Gro® Shake 'N Feed® All Purpose Plant Food Plus Weed Preventer1

Feeds Plants and prevents weeds for up to 3 months in 1 easy step!