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Understanding Soil & It's Function

In order to find the right solution, you need to understand the function of soil and how to identify conditions and diagnose deficiencies.

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Understanding Soil & It's Function

The function of soil is to anchor plant roots and provide water, air and all nutrients to plants to support growth.

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Grow Herbs Indoors

With the right plants and conditions, you can plant and enjoy fresh herbs in winter

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Gardening Basics - Learn and Grow

... Shells for Spring Planting! Grow plants year round using egg shells
indoors! continue. Understanding Soil & It's Function. ...

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Garden Planning - Learn and Grow

... Understanding Soil & It's Function. The function of soil is to anchor plant roots
and provide water, air and all nutrients to plants to support growth. ...

Project:   Large Flower Pots: Container Gardening

Put big flowers in big containers for an immediate statement.

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Divide Your Perennials for More Blooms

Find out how you can create more plants for your yard.

Project:   Landscape Planning & Mapping

A little planning can save many headaches later

Project:   Growing Edible, Ornamental Kale

It looks great in fall gardens, and tastes good, too

Project:   Growing Cucumbers

This is one vegetable that really produces

Project:   How to Grow Pole Beans

Treat it right, and your plant keeps on producing

Project:   Growing Trees and Shrubs in Containers

You can make almost any space more interesting with a tree or shrub planted in a container.

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How to Attract Hummingbirds: The Right Plants & Settings

With plants and nectar feeders, you can make your garden a hummingbird oasis

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Daffodils to Welcome Spring

How to plant and care for one of the most popular spring flowers

Project:   Planting and Storing a Live Christmas Tree

Enjoy decorating, then keep the tree

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Growing Cauliflower

If your area stays cool, this veggie is for you.

Project:   Planting Azaleas

Add some color to your shady areas

Project:   Growing Broccoli

You can plant this popular vegetable in the spring or fall

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Growing Herbs & Herb Garden Care

Here are some easy tips for growing these carefree, flavorful plants