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... All about eating what you grow. Learn more. Flowers & Landscaping
Flowers & Landscaping. ... Grow the flowers you love. ...

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Learn and Grow

How To Garden.

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Container Gardening - Learn and Grow

... continue. Growing Tomatoes: How to Grow Tomatoes from Seeds. Growing
healthy tomatoes is easy. continue. MG_containergarden_2015_thb.jpg. ...

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Growing Kits and Seed Pods

Check out the Miracle-Gro colection of plant growing pods, seeds and kits. Use pods to jumpstart growing your own plant from seeds with Miracle-Gro Gro-Ables.

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Grow Herbs Indoors

With the right plants and conditions, you can plant and enjoy fresh herbs in winter

Project:   Growing Tomatoes: How to Grow Tomatoes from Seeds

Growing healthy tomatoes is easy

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How to Grow Roses

Growing and caring for roses can be easy it you follow these 5 easy steps.

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How to Grow Giant Pumpkins

Find out how to grow the biggest pumpkin on your block

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Growing Sweet Peppers

This versatile veggie makes all the difference in many meals

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Growing Cauliflower

If your area stays cool, this veggie is for you.

Project:   Growing Cucumbers

This is one vegetable that really produces

Project:   Growing Hot Peppers

Add some kick to your gardening with this attractive, tasty plant

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Terrariums: Growing in Miniature

The outside doesn't have to stay outside. Plant life not typically living in our backyards can thrive.

Project:   Growing Trees and Shrubs in Containers

You can make almost any space more interesting with a tree or shrub planted in a container.

Project:   Growing a Small-Space Vegetable Garden

Find a sunny spot big enough for some pots and an array of fresh vegetables can be yours.

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Growing Cilantro, a 2-for-1 Herb

Enjoy different flavors from different parts of the plant.

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Growing Swiss Chard

Please your taste and your eye

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Growing Potatoes

Grow a delicious staple in your garden

Project:   Growing Broccoli

You can plant this popular vegetable in the spring or fall

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Growing Melons

What to do in your Southwestern melon patch before the heat picks up