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How to Grow Herbs Indoors - Nature's Care

Nature's Care gives tips to help you grow herbs indoors during the winter months. Learn more about this and other organic growing tips at

Miracle-Gro Potting Mix – Potting Soil – Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro Potting Mix has everything your potted plant needs to thrive.

Miracle-Gro Organic Potting Soil Mix Benefits - Miracle-Gro

Learn how Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Organic Potting Soil helps with soil retention. Give container plants a strong start by using the best potting soil mix.

The Benefits of Houseplants - An Infographic - Indoor ...

Check out this visual representation of the benefits of having house plants. House plants are great for air purifying, creating healthier surroundings, & more.

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California Native Plants & Flowers - Flower & Landscaping ...

There are thousands of California native plants to choose from to make any local garden a stunning head-turner. Check out these plants for each season, & more from


Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil - Soils - Miracle-Gro

Find great soils & amendments from Miracle-Gro. Learn more about Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Garden Soil, & get product usage details from

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Miracle-Gro Shake n Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant ...

Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Flowering Trees & Shrubs contains natural ingredients that work below the soil for improved plant vigor & root development versus unfed plants.


Tomato Fertilizer | Miracle-Gro Shake n Feed Tomato Fruit and ...

Nourish your vegetable garden with the added natural ingredients found in Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food.

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Flowering Vines - The Top Crawlers

Ask any garden designer?flowering vines can add a beautiful touch to any gardening plan.

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Gardening with Children - Gardening Basics - Miracle-Gro

Find out how to gardening with children can teach them an appreciation for nature. See how kids love to eat food they grew in your garden at

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Pollinator Gardens - Miraclegro

If you?ve ever wondered what pollinator-friendly gardens are all about?or why you should have one?here?s the FYI on a DIY pollinator garden.

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2016 Farm-to-Float Campaign

2016 Farm-to-Float Campaign


Organic Potting Soil-Organic Potting Mix-Miracle-Gro

Find great soils & amendments from Miracle-Gro. Learn more about Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix, & get product usage details from

Home Gardening Tips and Landscaping Ideas

Discover landscaping and gardening ideas with Miracle-Gro Canada. Learn how to grow your garden design ideas inside and outside your home.


Miracle-Gro Shake N Feed All Purpose Plant Food

Grow stronger plants in your yard with Shake 'N Feed® All Purpose Plant Food (vs unfed plants) great for use on flowers, vegetables, and shrubs, and feeds for up to three months.


Miracle-Gro Shake N Feed Rose and Bloom Plant Food

Grow spectacular roses and other flowers in your garden with Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Rose & Bloom Plant Food versus unfed plants.

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Companion Plants - Plants That Help Each Other Grow

Many unexpected pairs of plants are beneficial to one another. For example: Marigolds release a natural chemical that keeps pests away from tomatoes

Garden Protection from Drought - Gardening Basics - Miracle ...

Explore easy ways to protect your garden from drought. Find tips on soil, mulch, watering techniques & more on