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Lookup gardening tips & landscaping ideas to help you grow your own beautiful plants inside or outside your home.

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Spring Garden Planning Guide - Garden Planning - Miracle ...

View our spring garden planning guide for step-by-step gardening tips. Check out these easy projects to help you get a jump on spring on

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Container Plants: What to Know When Buying - Garden ...

Check out these quick guidelines for buying container plants. Taking a few steps to make sure you're buying healthy container plants is the best way to create a beautiful yard.

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Vegetable Garden Planning: Techniques - Garden Planning ...

Plan your vegetable garden and how your plant your seeds. Learn to group edibles for planting ease and watering convenience from

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Gardening Care Tips While on Vacation - Garden Planning ...

How can you take time away from the garden? Here are some ideas for you to help care for your garden, while on vacation.

Landscape Planning & Mapping - Garden Planning - Miracle ...

Learn how drawing a landscape map can improve your landscape's design. Get tips on drawing the map and all the steps following for planning from

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Growing Salad Greens in Window Boxes - Edible Gardening ...

Grow what you need for a salad in a window garden box. Don't let a lack of garden space keep you from growing and enjoying fresh veggies; visit to see how.

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Planning and Starting a Landscaping Project - Gardenieres ...

Learn the basics on starting a landscaping project. Find out how you should plan the project and select your plants on

Bird Shelter Benefits & Tips - Garden Planning - Miracle-Gro

Get inspiration on how to build a bird shelter in your garden and other tips & information on attracting birds to your yard.

Large Flower Pots: Container Gardening - Trees, Shrubs & ...

Lean how to utilize big containers to plant lots of colorful flowers in your homes and dress up your patio.Read more on container gardening on

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Rain Harvesting - Garden Planning - Miracle-Gro

Learn about rain harvesting to save money and recycle water. Get tips on easy and affordable rain harvesting techniques to use in your garden.

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Pizza Garden: Gardening Ideas for Kids - Fruit, Vegetable & ...

Do your kids love pizza? Plant a pizza garden right in your backyard and grow deliciously fresh vegetables, herbs and spices for your very own homemade pizza.

Garden Problem Solver Tools-Solutions to Garden Problems ...

... Get the scoop before you dig. Our online tools will help you plan and grow
your gardens. Smarter gardening, designed for your specific conditions. ...

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