Bird Shelter Benefits & Tips - Garden Planning - Miracle-Gro

Get inspiration on how to build a bird shelter in your garden and other tips & information on attracting birds to your yard.

Gardening Basics - Learn and Grow

Information to get you started

Home Gardening Tips and Landscaping Ideas

Discover landscaping and gardening ideas with Miracle-Gro Canada. Learn how to grow your garden design ideas inside and outside your home.

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Brown Tips on Houseplant Leaves: Salt Damage - Indoor ...

Ever wonder why houseplants have brown tips on their leaves? Find out why houseplants grow brown tips on their leaves & more, on

Orchid plant

Orchid Growing Tips - Rose & Flower Gardening - Miracle-Gro

Check out these great growing tips for Orchids. Orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers, & with the right knowledge, they can actually be easy to care for.

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Gardening Care Tips While on Vacation - Garden Planning ...

How can you take time away from the garden? Here are some ideas for you to help care for your garden, while on vacation.

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Watering Your Garden Tips & Techniques - Miracle Gro

Miracle-Gro offers an in-depth look on how to properly water your garden with techniques and strategies for the great results.

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Container Plants: What to Know When Buying - Garden ...

Check out these quick guidelines for buying container plants. Taking a few steps to make sure you're buying healthy container plants is the best way to create a beautiful yard.

Gardening and Landscaping-Home Gardening Tips and ...

2017 Miracle-Gro Float - "Everything's Coming Up Roses". Learn more about
MIracle-Gro's 2017 Rose Parade™ float. Learn More. ...

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Planting a Shade Garden - Garden Planning - Miracle-Gro

On hot summer days, nothing beats a Shade Garden. We'll show you some quick steps to help you plant your very own Shade Garden.

Container Gardening - Learn and Grow

Tips on gardening indoor and in containers

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Growing Tomatoes in Florida - Edible Gardening - Miracle-Gro

Get the specifics about growing tomatoes, & information on how it applies in Florida. Learn great tips on harvesting tomatoes, from

Small Space Gardening - Learn and Grow

Miracle-Gro offers a series of landscaping articles going deeper into flower concepts for your garden.

Learn and Grow

Discover gardening tips &b landscaping help to grow beautiful arrangements inside or outside your home. Learn more from

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How To Keep Christmas Tree Fresh - Trees, Shrubs & ...

Hoping your Christmas tree can last & stay fresh longer? Here are some tips to help you keep your tree fresh longer, on